Getting Started.

Well here goes!  I have just started my Masters Degree in Education (Teacher-Librarianship). I have also just commenced a new job as a Teacher-Librarian and am aware that I have an awful lot to learn.  I am looking forward to the course in general as I feel that it will be very relevant and helpful however I am dreading those stressed times when it feels like your day doesn’t have enough hours in it – whether it be an assignment due, family commitments or  work commitments or, as is very possible, all three in crisis point at once.

I guess I just need to plod away, remaining constant and applying myself. At the same time I want to ensure that I am still a pleasant Mum – not a stressed, time-poor Mum – and a happy wife.  Is this asking (or hoping) for too much?

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One Response to Getting Started.

  1. Kasey says:

    Definitely not asking too much, Helen; you can do it! I understand your concerns about time, and think you are well on your way to managing it, just by taking this first step in thinking it through. Looking forward to watching your growth as a TL on your blog!

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