Can’t do it / Can’t NOT do it!

March 28. 2013

It seems clear that evidence-gathering is an area that you both can’t do and can’t NOT do.

Evidence gathering is difficult because of time limitations – days are filled with the busyness of the day to day running of the library  – preparing and teaching classes, assisting students with research, managing students in the library in their leisure time and maintaining the collection.   This leaves little time for gathering evidence of what is working and what needs addressing.

However, the downside is that if you don’t gather information and evidence, you cannot build such a compelling case for the importance of achieving your library vision for a fully integrated and technologically supportive library.  You cannot demonstrate a link between the library presence and activities and student learning / achievement without doing the research and supporting your assertions with facts.

Our role as TL’s is to ensure our students are equipped with skills in using information selectively and effectively.  Sometimes the day-to-day management of the facility obscures the ‘bigger picture’.  Research and evidence will help us to identify the most effective ways to move forward. 

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