The Possibilities for Collaboration

Schools offer a great deal of potential for collaboration between teachers and TL’s.  However the degree and frequency of the collaboration process will depend on the culture at the school.  

The spectrum ranges from ‘no collaboration’ to ‘comprehensive and effective collaboration’ however, in my experiences, most schools are somewhere in the middle. If collaboration is a fairly new concept at your school, then a slow but steady approach to introducing it is obviously best.  Open the communication channels, try and get the admin team support for it both in lip service and practice.  Talk to individual teachers about the benefits and ask them to trial it for a unit or two that year. Try and find a shared vision for the students, contribute willingly in your area of expertise, try and anticipate impediments and potential problems and how you may resolve these.  Consider it the beginning of a long term process and keep trying to develop and improve on it as you go.  Full collaboration is probably not something teachers will embrace straight off but they may be willing to engage in it as they see and hear of the benefits. 

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