Module 6: Time Management and Negotiation

New ideas:

From ‘The Four Habits of Highly Effective Librarians’:

The four habits recommended are: Openness, Responsiveness, Collaboration and Communication. 

From ‘Effective Time Management for Teachers’:

1) it is important to choose what you give 100% to (and don’t give it to everything!)

2) Plan how to transition from unstructured work time to my time (give yourself something to look forward to in your time)

3) Instead of writing one long (and unachievable) list, write 4 lists.  The four lists are I) essential things to be done ii) urgent/high priority   iii) ‘still a bit of time before the deadline’ tasks   iv) Things I would like to achieve if I had more time

From ‘Chapter 13: Conflict Resolution’:

1) Use questioning to help control and manage difficult situations (it looks like you are trying to understand their viewpoint & you are not actively disagreeing with them!)

2) In mediation, try to steer the process but not the content

3) In mediation, resist giving advice to either side. Remain impartial.

The idea I liked the best and will utilise was the four lists.  I was speaking to a friend the other day who has just completed her thesis for her doctorate.  We were talking about ways of trying to hold everything – family, school, home, study – together.  I was lamenting that I never achieved enough or finished my daily list.  Her advice to me was to only write a list for the day that I genuinely felt I could achieve.  She said to write another list at the back of my diary of things I would like to achieve if I had time and then cross them off as/when/if they happen. She said this was the best advice she ever had when she was studying and that it had alleviated a lot of frustration over the years. I know how frustrated I get when I see how many things remain on my to-do list so I am going to give it a go ( or use the four lists as suggested above – I will see which works for me).

I am also trying to plan my approach to study more (partly as a result of reading about the Big 6 and partly to avoid feeling utterly overwhelmed!).  I will set myself bite-sized tasks to do each night and try and be efficient in doing them rather than finding myself draped dozily over the desk at 11pm with only bits and pieces to show for it. I have drawn up my plan for completing Assignment 2 in the remaining (almost) two weeks.  Let’s see how it goes. 


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