It is difficult to try and complete all the tasks that need doing in the library.

I think the students need to be the first priority so planning units and lessons should be a priority however timetabling for routine tasks and sticking to it as much as possible is also helpful.  I try to allocate certain times to certain jobs – eg. Cataloguing, paying invoices, researching future technology or development.  However one thing I have noticed is that sometimes I can look at a task that needs doing and think “I will do it when I have a bigger stretch of time” but never find the time.  Recently I have been trying to at least make a start on these tasks and it is amazing how much more focused you are when you have a deadline.  For example, we recently had a parent donate about 7 shopping bags of books to the library and it was a job that we could have easily relegated to sometime in the future ‘when we had time’.  However I decided to just sort them quickly while I had a few minutes and in a short time the books were sorted into ‘action’ piles and the office was neat again.  So while I like the theory of being organised into time allocations, sometimes you just have to push through to get a few things done. 

Big things like policy writing and serious cataloguing issues usually have to wait for the holidays – when a few uninterrupted days are a great blessing.  Beyond that, a lot of water, a little chocolate and a few laughs at some funny clips on the internet and things seem manageable again.

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