Reflections on assignment…

I am now at final edit stage on my assignment and as I have been learning about information literacy models, I have decided to utilise the final step of reflection in the hope that something I write now will help me next time.

I have felt quite pressured and stressed about this task and so I have not wanted to waste time which I felt could be used productively. I find long evening sessions at the desk are not as productive as I would like because I cannot start until the kids/ evening meal / homework / washing uniforms etc are all complete and by then it is often 8.30pm and I am already tired. So, in desperation, I have utilised ‘pockets of time’ whenever I could – eating lunch at school, waiting to pick up my children, between loads of washing etc and these have actually proved to be really worthwhile times.  I am not sure if it is because I am more awake or because I am very aware of the time limitations but these can be quite productive times.  Furthermore, if I have 10 minutes to read an article but then have to go on to another task like getting tea, I can keep thinking about it while I work.

I have also broken down the whole assignment into more finite stages and, while I have not always judged the time requirements correctly, it has given me a bit of a framework to follow. I have enjoyed learning about the Big 6 and ISP models – it is funny to be trying to learn and implement something in your own work whilst writing about it.

I am determined to become more efficient and structured as the indefinite, interminable hours at the desk (sometimes with only vague things to show for it) are not good for me or for the family and we cannot continue like this.  I am trying to find some balance  – and planning really helps me with this.

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