ETL501 Post 1

Subject 2 Underway! Having survived first semester, I am now starting ETL501 – Information Environment. I am looking forward to learning more about web 2.0 tools that I can use in my teaching as well as lots of other aspects of the TL role.   I was very pleased to learn about ‘readability indexes’ this week and to see that you can measure the readability of a site.
Readability tools

Another site which I felt was very worthwhile was: as it mentions some web 2.0 tools that sound worthwhile. Studying this subject is hard work but it forces me to develop in ways that a more casual approach to professional education wouldn’t.
The chart I prepared for the homework is below. I don’t know why the lines don’t come too!:

Question Resource
Knowledge What is an ecosystem? Dictionary – print or online or basic textbook
Knowledge Define an ecosystem and list the varieties that are found in South Australia. • Library or textbooks
• Websites such as kids online encyclopedia – or
• Wordle / visuwords
Comprehension List the different parts of the ecosystem and explain what they do. • Textbooks. Library books. Google images. Sites like
• Poster / table / google images
Comprehension Compare a marine ecosystem with one from another area of our state. • Textbooks. Library books. Websites such as
• Comparison chart, poster, ppt, Prezi
Application using a diagram, show how the water cycle operates in an ecosystem • Textbooks / library books, websites such as and
• Flowchart, mindmap eg. Inspiration, Pipes

Application Demonstrate what happens when humans interfere with the water cycle. • ANZ Reference Centre – past newspaper articles,
• Cartoon strip, My Stickies,
Analysis Contrast the natural water cycle with that used by our community • Local govt and council sites,,
• Create-a-graph or evernote
Analysis Examine an ecosystem that has been damaged by human interference. Avoided how? • ANZ Reference Centre, textbooks, case studies,,
• Flowchart, Pipes
Synthesis Identify an unspoilt ecosystem and design a way of preserving it. • Websites such as
• Flowchart / graphic / model
Synthesis How would preserving our local ecosystems enhance our environment? • Textbooks, library books, sites such as
• Prezi, Visuwords,
Evaluation Is it reasonable that people pollute our waterways? Defend your answer • Websites on waterways, local info eg.,
• Blog, wikispaces, Prezi, PPT
Evaluation Assess the impact of pollution in our local waterways. • Websites on waterways, local info eg.,,
• blog, wikispaces, Pages, PPT

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