Website evaluation

This week we have considered aspects of website evaluation.  There are a range of models for website evaluation for both students and teachers.  Aspects to consider include:

Educational Quality: the readability or language level of the site, whether the site actually fulfils your purpose (so you need to have a clear understanding of what that purpose is and what you require from the website), is it interactive and likely to engage the students, does it cater for the range of students in your class – from the most challenged to the extension students?

Reliability: Is the information on the site accurate, relevant and verifiable, referenced, grammatically correct, spelt correctly, are the links working and linked to credible sources, does it explain who wrote it, what their purpose and expertise were, and does it contain any bias or agenda?

Technical: is the site current and up to date, is it easy to navigate, is it quick to load, can it handle a whole class logging in at once, does it use colour, layout and links well, are the information sources acknowledged…

There is a great deal to consider and it would be worth educating early stage students on some of the basic concepts and build on them over time.

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