ETL 503 Module 2 pt 2

2.3             Pacific  – I searched for a ‘Pacific Region’ resource and limited the search to the Years 5-6 age group.  I did not specify the resource type but found 6 pages of results that included a range of resources.  I chose an interactive resource on the second page that deals with the concepts of our Asian-Pacific Neighbours, very relevant to the new curriculum.

2.3 Pinterest is a great way to get ideas and inspiration for library displays and activities.  Billerica Public Library has collected a lot of great quotes to display in the library and clicking on the pinners gives a whole range of further connections to inspire.

2.4 Topic of Interest – new English Area of Study ‘Discovery’

Searched and found two links to sites that included Pinterest boards on each potential text type for ‘Discovery’ texts eg. Novels, films, poems, short stories, TED talks, images etc.

These seem like good boards and suggestions but like any text recommendations, I would only use them as a place to start rather than a definitive destination.  As Pinterest is available to anyone, the source of the pins cannot be guaranteed as credible but they are organised and will reflect a range of texts and text types to give students and teachers some ideas.

I also found a link to a different site on the new AOS

I would regard the Inside Break site as a very valid recommendation source as it is run by NSW public libraries and these librarians are working hard to support the public who use their services.  However as ‘Discovery’ is very new as an Area of Study, it is important to remember that the information is still in a developing stage.


Dealing with a complaint from a community member about a resource in the school library collection:

Firstly, ask for the complaint in writing, detailing the exact nature of the objection and the reasons for it.  Please ask for specific examples of instances from the text that they object to.

Spend some time preparing a response before meeting with the complainant.

Explain the process undertaken in selecting resources.  Explain how this resource fits the criteria as specified in your selection policy. 

If the item is borderline at the time of selection, ensure that you involve a number of appropriate people in the process and keep a record of the reasons the resource was chosen. 

In my experience as an English teacher and librarian, the people who are objecting to a certain text have often not actually read the text but relied on impressions and rumours as the basis for their objections.  Often, when you explain why the text was chosen they will listen and consider your position.  They are still entitled to choose for their own children.

Despite all the material on censorship, I believe that parents are entitled to protect their children from materials they believe are harmful. As a teacher librarian, I would like to think that I also fulfil that role.

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