Weeding the Collection

I have only been in my TL position just over a year. In that time I have been aware that the fiction section was quite out of date and set about purchasing current texts to appeal to our students. I have struggled with weeding as there seems something wrong with removing a perfectly good book from the library collection.
Crew’s recommendations gave me an objective basis to use to choose which titles should be removed from the collection. I have considered the date and presentation of the text and whether it contains dated or inappropriate material. I have also considered the circulation history and whether it has been borrowed in the last few years. It has been a very worthwhile exercise as using Crew’s reasoning, I have been able to be strong in the culling I have done and not feel guilt. I have done one bay, six shelves which were overloaded, and have reduced them to four less burdened shelves. I have also removed many books which have not been borrowed for years, including some which have never been borrowed at all. It has rammed home to me how much space is being taken up by books that are never borrowed.
This library has not had a serious cull take place for quite a number of years as the last librarian also struggled with removing books that were in good condition so we now have quite a job ahead of us. I feel that trying to complete a few shelves or a bay each week is realistic, anything more is simply impossible. It has been good to have objective criteria to use to evaluate this section of the collection and also allows me to justify my decisions to anyone who objects.

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