ETL 504 Module 1 Post 2

Post 2: We have a range of leadership styles in our school ranging from instructional to transactional. Some admin team members are keen to keep the staff onside and negotiate reasonable outcomes.
The leadership styles quiz claims the following about my leadership style:
Your style of leadership is democratic, a.k.a. participative. It is considered as one of the most effective leadership styles in ideal situations. As the name suggests, democratic leaders consider the suggestions and opinions of group members and involve group members in the decision-making process. But they make sure that the final decision is taken by them while being in sync with the majority. This kind of leadership motivates the followers and encourages the group members to participate in the process. It ultimately improves the creativity and productivity of the members. It is one of the ideal leadership styles in an education system.
Read more at Buzzle:

I would prefer to be a bit more transactional in my leadership style but I feel you do need to adopt a style suited to your personality type. The 4 transactional elements outlined in Marzano individual consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation and idealised influence. These are definitely areas I could focus on developing.

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