ETL504 Module 1 Post 3

Primary – Relief from face-to-face teaching for classroom teachers is often covered by the teacher librarian. This means that it is difficult to plan any collaborative teaching opportunities with the teachers. You are also concerned that the student learning in the library may not be contextually relevant to the learning in the classroom. How could you approach this problem?
Definition: The problem is that student learning is not contextualised or maximised and there is no collaborative teaching happening.
Data Collection: Look at the class teacher and library programs and outcomes. Are they aligned? Has there been any attempt to harness library classes to reinforce class learning?
Cause Analysis: Teachers are extremely busy and do not like to ask you to go to extra effort. Furthermore, RFF gives them a break and it sometimes seems they are not that interested in what happens during RFF so long as they have a chance to get their own work done.
Solution planning and implementation: Talk to classroom teachers about what library lessons can do to support their classroom learning eg. Helping students research for certain assignments, teaching them relevant skills and writing library tasks that are relevant to their classroom context.
Evaluation of effects: Has the learning support provided by the library enhanced the student learning in this topic / task? Discuss with teacher and gain feedback from students.
Standardisation: Discuss how these benefits can be utilised in future efforts.
Evaluation of process: In conjunction with the teacher, consider what was done well and what could have been improved in order to make positive adjustments for future collaboration.

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