ETL504 Module 2 Post 2

Over the last few weeks we have implemented both a new library management system and a new RFID system for our resources. Both have proved to be technologically challenging. We have been trying to take it slowly and methodically to avoid making mistakes that we will have to fix later. However at times our lack of knowledge has been very frustrating because we cannot easily do what we feel we should be able to do. Cameron and Green’s (2004, p15) explanation of the ‘learning dip’ has been a great cognitive explanation of the process we are undergoing. Our efficiency, effectiveness and confidence has dipped for a time but it is comforting to know that our ‘unconscious competence’ will gradually return after we have progressed through ‘conscious incompetence’ (right now!) and ‘conscious competence’ (hoping to get there sometime soon!) (p.17).
As yet there are many aspects of the new LMS that are unknown. I don’t think we are even aware of all the potential it has for improvement over our old system. As such, an ‘inquisitive mind’ lens could be applied to learning about / experimenting with the new LMS system. It would be such a shame to have a great new system and yet only use it for things we have traditionally done in the past. Thus an ‘inquisitive mind’ lens would ensure continued learning and problem solving in this area.
Cameron, E., & Green, M. (2004). Individual change. Making sense of change management a complete guide to the models, tools & techniques of organizational change (pp. 12-61). London: Kogan Page.
Innovation takes practice more than talent. (2013, January 30). Red thread thinking. Retrieved May 29, 2014, from

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