The future of children’s literature

I am confident that the future of children’s literature remains bright.  It may not remain in the same format we currently use, however children will always love stories and books are such as easy way of accessing them.  We listen to the hype about technology but books are still tangible and easily accessible as a method of accessing children’s literature.  H\Over time however, they will be increasingly complimented by ebooks, apps and audiobooks as children gain greater exposure to them. Furthermore, children now have more input and influence in this area than ever before so they will influence the direction of children’s literature, we see this already in the demand for series books and graphic novels.  An example of the influence of children: For Book Week this year, we had the author of the Bindi series, Jess Black, visit our school.  Initially she had been contracted to write a small number of books for the series but the demand was so great that she ended up writing more than double the initial amount and the series editor ended up writing some too to keep up with the demand.

Librarians and teachers and parents also have influence – this year I have chosen to read ‘The Naughtiest Girl in the School’ by Enid Blyton to a class to see how they respond to an older novel.  We have had to buy a whole new set of the series and can barely keep any in the box as they are so popular and yet the first set of those novels had been languishing on the shelves, unused, for quite some time.  Clearly TL’s can have an impact too.

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