Response to Zipe

Module 1 pt2 Blog Entry

Zipes’ comment seems to be right – just based on my readings and personal experiences. Sustained reading is not a part of every readers’ experience and this is something we need to consider when we are teaching reading strategies. Many children only read what they see on computer screens. And unfortunately they do not have strategies beyond cutting and pasting for using this information. I truly believe that sustained reading is beneficial for all children but, regardless of what I believe, there are many children who will never see reading in that way. And our job is to teach them to manage information in a way that works for them. When we are actively teaching ‘reading’, we need to do so in a range of modes and technologies. We need to help them find the meaning in all sorts of texts and to think critically about what they are reading. As a book lover and a returned student, I find it hard reading off computers so there are skills that can be taught to make it a more meaningful experience. Furthermore, our students need opportunities to experience a range of text types, rather than just read formulaic series books.

The implications for teacher librarians are significant – whilst their class teachers may well be the teachers who teach them to ‘read’ per se, we have a great opportunity to broaden their skills and experiences by ensuring they are exposed to a wide range of genres / modes and the opportunities to develop skills that will ensure ‘reading’ in any form is an experience that they can gain maximum benefit from.

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