Mod 2 Blog – what I have learnt and how I could apply it

Write a 300 word post outlining 3 new things I have learnt and how I might apply this learning to the school library…

  1. One thing I have learnt in this module is about WorldCat and how to use it. This could be particularly good at school because students sometimes ask for titles that we do not stock in the school library but it would help me to let the students know where the book is available locally for them to borrow.
  2. Post-modernism is an area that has been a little hard to understand for students and some staff. The resources in the post-modern section of the module gives me references to direct people to and also helps to demonstrate how to analyse a post-modern picture book and what post-modern elements are included in that particular text. Learning about this also helps me to direct senior students when they come in looking for a post-modern text for their extension English courses.
  3. Learning about the different children’s book awards from around the world and how they are judged gives you more information to consider when you are thinking about adding a book to the collection and helps you to find books that are particularly relevant or helpful for certain areas.
  4. And one more…Steampunk. This has been an area I have not understood so it was really good to get to know more about the term, how it originated and the elements that contribute to that particular genre. I think student awareness of this genre is limited so it would good to create a stronger awareness and perhaps capture the attention of some of our adolescent readers who are not particularly enthralled by the traditional books in the collection.
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